Jabra Hearing Device

We’re happy to announce that we are a Certified Jabra Enhance Center. We have the brand new Jabra Enhance Plus self-fitting hearing aids in stock! These devices are an innovative new design for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss.

As Audiologists, we’re frequently asked to recommend consumer electronics and audio products. There are thousands of devices on the market, so while we can research and read about the devices it’s unrealistic for us to be able to try them all. While over the counter (OTC) hearing aids are not authorized yet by the FDA, consumers can already find devices for purchase online. We expect a significant increase in product availability once these devices get the green light to hit the market legally. We certainly can’t test them all and they’re only appropriate for a small percentage of our patients. So how do we as audiologists integrate OTC products into our recommendations and make sure that our patients are seeking SAFE and EFFECTIVE devices? We partner with a manufacturer that we KNOW and TRUST and have had a relationship with for years. We believe they’ve been producing high quality devices for decades and have an advantage over a startup tech company. They are backed by significant audiological and hearing research and have had product failures that haven’t made it to market and successes that have been fit on millions of patients with measurable results. Dr. Rellinger toured the impressive Jabra facility at GN Resound headquarters in Denmark in July of 2019. We’ve partnered with Jabra because we know the quality and safety specifications of their hearing aid products, have seen their research and development labs to appreciate the science behind their products, and are confident with their history of device durability, ease of use, customer service, etc. It’s a great place to start! We will definitely be looking at competitor products and assessing them the best that we can, but we will not recommend a specific product to a patient unless we have evaluated it.

OTC (over the counter) hearing aids are not authorized yet by the FDA. Therefore, an audiologist is required to certify that you are a candidate for the Jabra Enhance Plus. How? It’s simple. Our audiologists can review your current hearing test performed within the past 6 months to confirm candidacy, or we can perform a new hearing test in our office. This is also in the patient’s best interest to get a baseline hearing exam to evaluate hearing sensitivity and rule out any underlying medical conditions before device use.

  1. It is a miniaturized 3-in-1 earbud for hearing enhancement, music and phone calls.
  2. Up to 10 hours battery life, with up to a total of 30 hours in the case (i.e. not intended for full time use like a hearing aid. This is intended for someone who needs assistance in a handful of listening environments only.)
  3. It has 3 listening modes:
    1. Adaptive mode self-adjusts microphone directionality depending on what’s happening around the user
    2. Focus mode uses directional beamforming microphones to focus on sounds in front of the user such as one-on-one conversation
    3. Surround mode allows users to hear more of any surrounding ambient sound, like pinna restoration in GN hearing aids
  4. High quality streaming and hands-free calls
  5. Hands free calling requires iPhone 11 or later and iOS 15 and later
  6. Jabra Enhance Plus has a water and dust resistant 1 year manufacturer warranty
  7. Jabra Enhance Plus has a lifespan of 2 years at most like many consumer electronics
  8. Jabra Enhance has a 45 day trial period. If you’re not impressed, you can return it within the return period like any other consumer electronic device.

Once you are determined to be a candidate for the device, you can purchase a pair for $799.00 + tax. You take the box home to your quiet living room or kitchen table, unbox the device and begin the steps to set it up in the comfort of your home. You do all of the set up and programming at home independently. What if you run into trouble? Jabra has customer support to handle all device related questions and warranty claims. Jabra customer service is available within the Jabra Enhance App, at Jabra.com, or at 1-833-346-1603.

  1. If you are still having difficulty hearing with your Jabra devices, you should see one of our audiologists for a consultation. There may be additional recommendations for improving outcomes with your devices after you have done your device programming. We can perform a test called real-ear measures, which measures the output of the device in your ear canal and allows us to verify that the device is providing adequate benefit and matching your prescription. Our audiologists are experts at assessing device effectiveness. Come in and see them!
  2. You should return for an annual hearing test to monitor your hearing loss. While Jabra is intended for mild to moderate hearing loss, hearing loss can be progressive and it important to have it monitored annually as you would any other medical condition.

Hearing aids can instantly change your life.