Why is there a hearing center located in an eye clinic?

We opened the Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta to take care of all of your vision and hearing needs in one convenient location. Since our patients already trusted us with every aspect of their eye care, we expanded our services to include another important sense – hearing.

Research shows that vision problems are also associated with the onset of hearing loss. What you can see can influence what you hear and hearing can affect vision. The brain puts our vision and hearing together to create our experience of the world around us. Since these two senses go hand in hand as we age, we must take care of them both.

Can my hearing appointment be coordinated with my ophthalmologist appointment at Eye Consultants of Atlanta?

Yes, we will make all efforts to coordinate your appointment with your audiologist and ophthalmologist. The more advance notice you can provide us, the better! We try to coordinate your routine follow-up appointments for your convenience.

What is included with my hearing aid purchase?

We are an itemized hearing aid clinic, which means that we charge on a fee-for-service basis instead of asking patients to prepay for their hearing care services when they purchase their hearing aids. We feel this allows us to better tailor your hearing care directly to your individual needs while minimizing out of pocket expenses to our patients. This also assists with billing insurance for hearing aid services.

Many of our patients travel between multiple residences and this allows you to receive services wherever you are, whenever you need it. With this model we are very transparent about what a hearing device costs and what the professional services to service a hearing device costs.

How often does a typical hearing aid patient come in for services?

We recommend that your hearing aids are serviced by your audiologist every 6 months for routine care and maintenance. There are instances where some patients may need to come more often; for example, patients who produce heavy amounts of ear wax may require more frequent cleanings. Your audiologist will provide you with an appropriate treatment plan for your individual needs.

What brands of hearing aids do you carry?

We dispense hearing aids from the top 6 manufacturers in the industry, including:

We are comfortable with all of their product lines and technology. We believe that one hearing aid model cannot meet the individual needs of every patient that we see. Our audiologist will make recommendations specific to your hearing needs and individual preferences.

What type of warranty comes with hearing aids?

Almost all of our hearing aids come with a 3 year manufacturer repair, loss and damage warranty.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars per aid to a few thousand dollars per aid. The price of the device depends on your hearing loss, budget, lifestyle and features you are looking for. There is a good hearing aid to fit every budget!

How fast can I get my hearing aids after ordering?

Since we custom order all of our hearing devices, it usually takes about 5-10 business days for us to receive your devices, sometimes longer depending on customization requests.

What financing options are available?

The Hearing Center utilizes financing options through Care Credit. We accept 6 and 12 month no interest plans and 24, 36, 48 and 60 month interest plans. You can apply for a Care Credit account online.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept many of the most common insurance plans including Medicare. Since insurance is constantly changing, please call our office at (404) 591-2950  for the most up to date information regarding your insurance plan.

Do you provide remote audiology programming services?

Yes, we do provide remote audiology programming services available through certain hearing aid manufacturers. It is important to remember that there is still some hearing healthcare that must be received in the office.

Still have questions? The staff at the Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta are happy to help. Please contact us online or call us at (404) 591-2950  today!