We are OPEN for office visits and accepting new patients.

We are OPEN for office visits and accepting new patients.

About Us

Our Mission

Since 1971, our patients have entrusted us with every aspect of their eye care — from routine exams to treating the most complex eye disorders. We expanded our services to provide care for another important sense — your hearing. You can take care of all your vision and hearing needs at the practice you know and trust.
Our goal is to help you hear better and to make excellent audiological care accessible to all patients, with or without insurance coverage. We will provide you with an understanding of your hearing health needs, implement a treatment plan that addresses your unique hearing needs, and teach you how to maintain your hearing devices for the optimal hearing benefit. We strive to empower our patients to improve their hearing by using and maintaining their hearing devices effectively. The best audiology treatment plan is the one that is best for you, your budget, your lifestyle, and your hearing needs.

Benefits of choosing the Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta:

  •  Hearing care in conjunction with ongoing eye care
  • Conveniently located at our Cumberland medical office
  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • All services performed by a licensed audiologist
  • State of the art equipment used for diagnostic testing and hearing services
  • Care Credit financing options available (OAC)
  • Access to the latest, state of the art hearing aid technology from multiple manufacturers
  • Hearing aid dispensing, fitting and programming
  • Real-ear verification of the fit of your hearing aid(s)
  •  Instruction on how to properly use and care for your hearing aid(s) to receive optimal benefit
  •  Follow-up care and support of your hearing aids including programming and adjustments, instruction of communication strategies and overall support of your devices
  • 60-day hearing aid trial periods
  • Extended audiology service plan options available
  • Extended manufacturer warranty options available
  •  Manufacturer protection plan (repair and loss and damage coverage) included with hearing aid purchase
  • On-site minor hearing aid repairs
  • Assistance with state-funded amplified telephones and hearing aids for qualifying applicants
  • Referral for medical treatment or evaluation, if needed
  • Custom earpieces for all your hearing protection, recreational, and occupational needs

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Patient Testimonials

I am wearing a hearing aid for the first time and have been really nervous about the process and what to expect. I happened to find the Hearing Center from an internet search and spoke to Aubree when I called. She was very helpful, and compassionate when my appointment was scheduled. Aubree has been professional throughout this process. Dr. Sharp consulted with me and recommended a hearing aid for my right ear.I was really impressed with her professionalism yet comfortable with her personality. She was patient and answered my questions which reassured that I would adjust to the hearing aid in time. It took a few adjustments but I am hearing better and loving it! Kayla is an asset to the office and I have enjoyed my brief interactions with her.She has been totally professional and her personality is great for the office.
Thelma Malone
Thelma Malone
My experience with Dr. Sharpe at the Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta changed my outlook about hearing aids. Before I saw Dr. Sharp, I was very reluctant to try hearing aids. Dr. Sharp is terrific and very patient. She explained every step of the testing, fitting, and which hearing aids would be best for me. She answered my questions fully. Her explanations at every step made sure I wasn't surprised or startled at any time. She fully explained my hearing deficit. My experience with Dr. Sharp and the Hearing Center have made my life easier and improved the quality of life especially in this era of people having to wear masks. The hearing aids make it possible to hear the birds outside the house when I get them in in the morning. I actually look forward to inserting the hearing aids when I get up. In addition to Dr. Sharp, the rest of the staff is also excellent and very helpful. I appreciate all they do to help me hear!
Ken and Terri Bryson
Ken and Terri Bryson
Erin is knowledgeable and eager that I had a successful experience with hearing aids.
Doris English
Doris English
Where do I start?! Dr. Lacey Sharp is one of the most caring, patient and thorough audiologists my husband and I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She will sit down with you and really listen to what you want and need. She went the extra miles with us to make sure our insurance would cover certain expenses before we even started a process. Eye Consultants of Atlanta Hearing Clinic have been amazing as well. Aubrey and the front staff are very friendly and helpful. I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Sharp and the staff at Eye Consultants. If you are looking for a great audiologist, Dr. Sharp is the one you want!!
Stacey Todriff
Stacey Todriff
Just received my new hearing aids. Dr. Hampton and Dr. Sharp ( the entire office) are absolutely the most thorough people. After picking up my hearing aids, I was totally briefed and it has been a great experience.
Milton Bell
Milton Bell
Thank you Erin, Aubrey and the other Associates at Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta. I was hesitant to get hearing aids in spite of knowing I needed them. I have been asked by my wife to please revisit hearing aids. The 20+ year old “in the canal” gizmos were unpleasant to wear and too much to endure as well as not integrating well with today’s tech they lived in a vinyl case in a drawer. Every few years I would take them out, add batteries, and try. 1-2 hours was the longest I could tolerate the earplug. Making an appointment while I was getting my eyeglasses was pleasantly easy. Showing up, getting a hearing test, listening to the options and seeing the advances was just as easy. Dr Erin Rellinger made it easy. She knew how to explain and inform me of what was going on in a way that worked. So, yeah. FIVE STARS is a given, but appreciating a personal interaction to easing in to acceptance and embracing that I will be using these little devices in my ear every day, and most waking hours goes beyond five stars. Thank you Erin, Aubrey and the other Associates at Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta.

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